Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway


Happy love-nest RELOCATION DAY!!

Also known as...moving day. Oy. What a day. My lovely pop and husband loaded up all our belongings this morning and took them away.

I must admit that getting kicked out of a place you live in due to the economic struggles of the land-lord that owns the house, sends you into quite a doozy. This is why everyone should have a Hungarian grandmother with a spare bedroom. She's honestly been wanting us to move in with her since Pearce and I first said 'I do.' She literally has the biggest heart of any one I have ever met. Even bigger than the Grinch after he started loving the Whos down in Whoville.

Trusting in something bigger than yourself is sometimes really difficult...especially when you think you'll be homeless. But we are blessed beyond belief. Oh, yes. This is a new adventure. The gypsy in me is bouncing off the walls with happiness. I love love love change.

Moving this time around brought about a huge and amazing discovery. Nearly everything Pearce and I own, from clothing to furniture, has been given to us. And none of it is creepy-polyester-flashback-bad 70's-style either. It all fits our mojo (style). Our Bohemian/Hobo/Rock N Roll-ish style. Perfect. We are blessed beyond belief.

To top it all off...We just got back from a fabulous vacation in Daytona Beach! A lovely couple my parent's have been friends with for ages decided to graciously bless us by letting us all use their time share! Hip-Hip-Hooray! 4 days and 3 nights of beach and sun and sunsets. Delicious.

So now we are in a new place. I am terribly excited. Soon to have a new job as well. Can we just talk about how I have applied for around 25-35 jobs in the last month? But EVERYONE needs a job these days...so positions are filling fast...I keep getting emails that tell me my resume was too late but they'll keep it on file for the future. Egad. Oh well. We are still blessed beyond belief...and the adventure continues...

Fenn xxx


  1. Great photography and very nice blog. (And moving is never fun so I feel your pain.) Keep writing! :-)