Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway


love love love...

Well, tomorrow is my one year anniversary. My husband and I have been married one whole year. We had just enough money to pay our bills this month and that's it. Guess what just happened today? Firstly...we magically have more money than we thought we had. $70 more. Trust me. We calculated over and over and over again until our brains turned blue. This money just appeared.

This means we can maybe rent a movie, put some gas in our car, buy the parts needed to fix our car, get a bite to eat, do a little somethin-somethin special for our One Year of 'I LOVE YOU' celebration!

Next week, besides fixing up our missions support letter, I will be going through my things to give to people who don't even have a dollar for Christmas. I don't have very much. I can't afford gifts for Christmas. But I have things. Therefore, I can give things. I'd like to challenge you today to continue to remember how fortunate a life we all live. Even the poorest of the poor here in America are blessed. Me included[:


Fenn xxx

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  1. this made me smile. your thoughts on giving are fantastic! congrats on your anniversary!