Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway



My sister and I were chatting after our ritualistic morning swim.
About death.
Or...something like it.

We decided we wanted to die together.
We came up with an elaborate setting...

She wrote it into a story...

The words are so beautiful. They may make you cry.

If you feel like we stole this from a Tim Burton movie, well...we didn't. Maybe we just have brilliantly mad minds...
[end scene]

As they were approaching death they came with unsure expectations and mysterious wonder. They looked at each other before entering the wooded area out to the lake, as one of the ladies bit their lip and said, “I am curious about this new adventure.” The other lady just smiled and looked at her with clever, enchanting eyes and whispered, “Well, lets go then!” They both shook their heads and stepped further listening to the dry leaves crinkling underneath their bare feet.

As they were coming closer and closer to the lake they started to hear voices, not sad, heartbroken voices, but voices that were full of laughter and triumph. The voices soon became more clear and they finely saw all of the faces that belonged to the mouths that were speaking. They soon found there at their destinies that all the faces that were cheering were faces that through out there whole life they adored and were captivated by. Some old and some young, but everyone looked precisely the same as they did when they met the two ladies through out their lives.

Two young, attractive men walked up to the old ladies and grabbed their hands. As the men approached both of the ladies looked at each other and said, “Oh hey!” And they both laughed in their little girl ways. The men brought them to the edge of the lake in front of all the people, then they kissed them and just stepped back. Everyone started to applaud and yell beautiful things to the old ravishingly scandalous women. Then both of them looked at each other and turned around and walked on the water to the middle of the lake were there was a huge golden white pillar.

As they stood on the pillar it arose high above the water and the people below. The women just stood there in their 1940’s bathing suits posing as the people cheered. One man yelled out, “This is all for you two!” He pointed at them and everyone hurrahed louder. The older one looked at the younger one and asked, “Are you ready?” The other just gave her a wild look and said, “Always and forever baby!” They just laughed in joy and yelled to all the people below, “Farewell loves!”

They both opened their arms wide and fell back off of the pillar, as soon as they leaped from the pillar it blew up and turned into hundreds of purple butterflies that flew away. As they were falling to the water below they closed their eyes and smiled from cheek to cheek. As soon as they hit the water they transformed into their younger selves and looked at each other with amazement in their eyes. Every being on the surface could not help but talk to one another about how beautiful the two were. As they were floating towards the bottom they watched all the faces that were smiling at them, then they looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking and just smiled sweetly.

They hit the ground and sparkling dust flew up and as it slowly cleared off what was left there was just two sparkling stones. One was an Aquamarine stone and the other a Ruby. Everybody said to one another how the stones were the most whimsical they had ever seen. After the two were gone there was neither a tear of sadness nor a strike of pain in any of their friends, families or lovers faces.

Only the memories of the two gorgeous, crazy Dames…

{ This almost true story is dedicated to Kelsey Sunshine }


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