Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway


Calm and Collected

Ooo la la!

I had a job interview this morning. So, I stumbled out of bed at 8:10am and rolled onto my yoga mat to embrace my morning crunches. Oh, and by 'embrace' I mean mostly freezing my booty off while finishing the routine and trying to pry my sleepy eyes open...

After my scuffle on the floor...I played dress up, washed and painted my face, and dabbed on some yummy frankincense oil. My delicious rock-n-roll husband wanted to take me to my interview this morning...so we had a lovely ride to down town Tarpon listening to the best of mewwithoutYou. The interview was scheduled for 9:30am and I walked through the doors 15 minutes early (score!).

The March Hare in the Hallmark version of Alice in Wonderland said it best...'I say, I say, I say...In this world it's not what you know, but who you know.' I am very very thankful for the absolutely lovely people that I know. So thankful. Because of a dear family friend, I was interviewing to become an Ophthalmic Assistant (remember! It's opHth...not opth....). Also, at the same time (because, I guess that's just how I tend to fall into things...) I was interviewing for a data entry position.

This first yummy little job is fast paced and very people oriented, so I love it already. The second...kind of explains itself.

Where oh where was I this morning? Oh...just a little place I like to call St. Luke's Cataract and Laser Institute. The place that is home to The Godfather of all Ophthalmologists. Oof...what a wild ride. It was fantastic. EVERYONE was dressed in stark-white scrubs. No gaudy-but-fabulous 5-inch zebra painted nails, no hot pink lipstick, and no 12cm gold hoop earings. Old Testament Bible murals on the walls and sweet smiles greet you as you walk into the sign-in-and-sit-while-waiting center. Today was especially buzz-a-licious because not only was The Godfather at this location (there are 5 locations...) today, but so was his equally incredible son (Godfather Jr. aka Dr. Pit Gills). So, after all of this...they still had time to interview me.

It wasn't a little hi-and-bye interview. This interview lasted 3 hours and I met so many amazingly sweet yet professional people. I was called cute and adorable but I was forewarned. If I ever am scheduled to meet Dr. Gills, I should definitely dress more conservative, more neutral colors, less like punky brewster. Good to know.

So, that's it! It was lovely and quite an adventure...and I was honored to be there while two amazing Ophthalmologists where present.

I was told to expect a few calls soon...hip-hip-hooray!

Today's dress-up:
two-tone flowerish vintage brown & cream tube top dress - gift from my grandma
plumb pocketed bag lady cardigan - Anne Taylor Loft (super duper sale!!)
creepy face - mine
gladiator sandals - My getaway-wedding shoes (since I didn't wear any for the reception or ceremony)

Fenn xxx


  1. I love love LOVE reading your blogs,they're so damn uplifting :) your expression makes me love the life I have more :D

    I don't know why I didn't do it sooner; I think I'll follow you :D


  2. What a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much.