Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway


What up, Shadrach. My name's Abednego. Nice to meet you.

This is how I've been greeting my ma lately.

The things that have been happening in our (Pearce and Kelsey...you know, the usual suspects) lives over the past 8 months could be the subject of a newly-wed's made-for-television movie of the month. But you know what? Who cares. Seriously. You don't care. I don't care. And God doesn't care.

Yeah. I said/wrote it. God doesn't care. He doesn't care because He knows how big He is (obviously...not in a 'hey I'm big...lookatme' way). I don't care because I know how big He is. He doesn't care about all the b.s. happening. But he cares about me and my husband...and since He's not in the business of screwing his lovelies over, I can fully say that He's not doing this to teach me a lesson or because I've sinned or to let someone see how messed up I am and find Him. But I completely know that He'll use this to maybe do one or two of those things. Maybe even all them. Egad. Maybe He'll even use this stuff to do things that I haven't even thought of.

And that's what I have to say. I'm not going to update my facebook about it 5 times a day or keep people up to the minute about how hellish life is on twitter. It bothers me when people do that...and you know what? It's tempting to do that sometimes for attention or the occasional 'you rock' comments...and you know what else? I may be guilty of doing that a few times. So, I'm sorry.

Any way, that's it. My life is good. I have a husband who loves me and we are seeking God together about whatever our next adventure will be. I have my parents and my brothers and sister who are amazing and inspiring and talented and gorgeous that I can be with and love with and have sleep-overs with. I have the most beautiful and colourful friends that encourage me and speak into my life and let me speak into theirs.

My 15 year old sister, Hannah...is going to Russia next month. You know, just to hang out with homeless people and ex-prison inmates.

My 18 year old brother, Kerry...is living in Australia and experiencing God in the ocean, and in people, and in the sand, and in music, and in the quiet.

Seriously...I would not change one thing. It's cliched...but definitely fitting. Usually, the things that are weeds, turn out beautiful.

Fenn xxx


  1. I've realized lately that God is impossible to understand.

    Maybe that's because our minds weren't meant to work that way.

  2. wowza wowza woza
    Pearce and Kelsey,
    what a beautiful couple you are.
    what a wonderful outlook you have, never thought about the trade befor but you are spot on.
    wonderful blog will follow