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Yum-Yum Gimme Some! Part Deux

Well, my chili was a hit last night. My husband ate two whole bowls...and he's a meat-a-tarian. Seriously. He digs it.

Perfect for any Vego-lifestyle or for celebrating MEAT-FREE-MONDAYS!

"Kelsey's Super Easy Yum Yum Throw-In Vegan Chili" (cow approved)

All you need to do:

Saute some chopped onions and green peppers in a pot

Throw in some frozen Boca Crumbles

Throw in some Black Beans (and/or Kidney Beans...whichever you like...we just rock the frijoles negros)

Throw in some Cumin, Onion powder, Chili powder, Garlic powder and/or your favorite CHILI spices

Throw in some stewed tomatoes (from the can section of your grocery store or home-made)

Throw in some canned tomato sauce
Cook on medium heat and stir occasionally until all the ingredients are nice and hot...

...and voila! The tastiest, easiest, vegan chili in the world!

I eat some on a bed of fresh lettuce...this is how my husband eats it...



  1. I love vegan chili!!!!
    We put a bunch of Frito's in it or pour it over a veggie dog and have ourselves a good time!