Oh, you pretty things...

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemingway


I 'sea!'

I remember it well.
The day I went mad.
It really was the scariest day of my life.
But it also was...one of the best.

Maybe what I am isn't insane though...

"'Geniuses don't go mad,' he said. 'That's what people don't understand. They get out, so far out that the water is like glass and they can see for miles and see so much, and in ways people have never seen before. They go out over such depths, down down down and down, and some of them get taken. Something rushes up out of their thoughts, from the insides of their own heads and through the act of looking and the thinking itself - because the deep blue is in there too, do you understand? It takes them.'"
-Mr. Nobody
['The Raw Shark Texts' page 140]

I would never claim to be a genius.
But this passage captures how it felt.
I feel like I can see so clearly now.
As if...the world has somehow become so much more beautiful.

I never want to go back.

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